Tour de Donut

Tour de Donut

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Tour de Donut      
6 - 1 - 19
7am - 12pm

Tour de Donut is arguably the greatest cycling event of the year. The 14 mile bike course takes riders on a tour of some of San Luis Obispo's sweetest eateries and ends with a race up to the top of Prefumo Canyon. The course offers breathtaking views of both San Luis Obispo and Morro Bay. The donut-eating portion of the tour kicks off at SLO Donut Company, continues at Freshh Donuts, and then finishes at Sunshine Donuts.

After visiting all three donut shops, riders make their way to the base of Prefumo Canyon Road, which marks the start of the race portion of the tour. Once all the riders are gathered, waves of riders are sent off to race to the top of the canyon. 

Each donut eaten gives the rider a 15 second head start, and the first to reach the top is the winner!

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Stage 1:
A 15 mile bike tour of San Luis Obispo's most popular donut shops. Racers start at SLO Donut Company, move onto Freshh Donuts, and end at Sunshine Donuts. At each stop, racers will have 10 minutes to eat as many donuts as they can. Race volunteers will keep track of the number of donuts each racer consumes, which will be used to calculate the racer's final results. To get to the next shop, racers will bike from one donut shop to the next, and each donut-eating round will begin once all of the racers have arrived. The rides between shops are untimed and don't count towards the racer's final bike time. The male and female racers who eat the most donuts during this stage will be crowned King/Queen of Donuts.

After the final round at Sunshine Donuts, racers will bike over to the base of Perfumo Canyon Road to begin the time trial stage of the race. Racers will then be sent off in waves to race to the top of Perfumo Canyon. The donuts a racer ate in the previous stage will count towards a time bonus. Each donut eaten will deduct 15 seconds from the racer's Stage 2 time. The waves will be determined by how much of a time bonus each racer accrued in the previous stage; those with the largest time bonus will be sent off first and so on. The first racer who makes it to the top wins! 


Q: Do I have to eat the entire donut?

A: Donuts must be entirely inside mouth by end of 10-minute eating period in order to count towards your time bonus. Donuts are only counted in increments of 1 (half a donut eaten = no time bonus).


Q: What happens if I throw up?

A: Regurgitating donuts will deduct 3 minutes from your time bonus and disqualify you towards being crowned King/Queen of Donuts.

Q: If I race on a tandem bike, how will the time bonus be calculated?

AIf you are riding a tandem, your bonus time will be the average donuts eaten between your riders.

Q: How are the winners determined?

AThe overall top male and female finishers will win the title of "Champion", while the racers who eat the most donuts (the winners of Stage 1) will be crowned King/Queen of Donuts. The fastest male and female bike splits will also get an award.

Q: How will ties be handled?

ATo break a tie for the "Champion" title and/or King/Queen of Donuts tying contestants will participate in an "eat-off". They will have one minute to finish as many donuts as they can; whomever eats the most donuts wins.

Q: Will I have to pay for the donuts I eat?

A: The cost of registration covers the cost of all donuts eaten during the race.

Q: What kind of donuts will be provided?

ADonuts will be an assortment of cake, raised, old fashioned, and French, with every variety of topping/frosting available. No holes, bear claws, croissants, or bars will be provided. Gluten free donuts will be available if you specify it as a dietary restriction during registration. All donuts are worth equal time bonus. Choose wisely.

Q: Will there be a place to refill my water bottle?

A: Water and coffee will be provided at each donut eating station. However a wise racer brings a water bottle and hydrates throughout the Tour.

Q: What if I have bike problems?

A: Bike pumps will be available and volunteers will be monitoring the course to help with any issues. No other bike supplies will be provided.

Q: Can we bike through red lights/stop signs during Stage 1?

A: Traffic laws must be obeyed as there will be no road closures during the race. In both stages racers must be aware of traffic and the other riders.

Q: Will I have to wear a helmet?

A: Yes, you must wear a helmet in order to race.

NOTE: Discrepancies in the rules will be resolved by Tour de Donut Officials. Decisions made by Tour de Donut Officials are final.